Traditional to Modern- Clock Makeover

I was gifted a clock after I had my first baby to keep in his room. It was a very nice gesture but not at all my style. I would look at it every day with it's wood frame and traditional numbers and I knew it had more potential to fit into my nursery's modern style. So almost 3 years later with a little time and paint, it has become a beautiful addition to the room. This project was super easy to complete in a day. So I started with my regular looking clock, pretty but not fitting in very well.

It was easy to take apart with 4 screws in the back.

I spray painted the hands so I could get into all the crevices without the hands sticking together.

Then painted over the spray paint residue with craft paint on the face of the clock. I moved the hands out of the way to reach all the points around the center.

I screwed the two pieces back together and put it back in the nursery.

Perfect touch of color to match the rest of the room! Happy crafting!!

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