An Organized Bulletin Board & Glam Thumb Tacks

Our refrigerator had started looking cluttered and not very pretty because of all of the papers, photos, schedules, artwork, etc. that always ended up on it. I needed another solution badly so that my 1 year old wasn't tearing up everything. Each time we opened the door, everything would shift south until it ended up on the floor. Our magnets weren't strong enough to hold all the crap we had on the fridge and I needed to find another home for it all.

A plain bulletin board that my mom was happy to give to me needed just a little color and it could quickly solve my problems.

I added a little turquoise paint around the frame and it perked right up. So I put it up in the hallway between our kitchen and entry but it still needed a little something.
So I bought: a 200 ct. pack of regular silver thumb tacks for $1.25
                   a pack of black gemstones for $1.50 and
                   a bottle of Testors enamel paint in metallic gold from my local craft store for less than $2.00
                                  (This stuff adheres to anything and I use it for all sorts of projects. It is where you                                             would find the model car kits.)

Glued some gemstones to my tacks and once they were dry, painted them with the enamel paint and left to dry overnight.

Aren't they pretty?

So you can see how pretty these look compared to regular silver tacks. And my calendar is a free printable I downloaded and printed out from Miss Tiina. Get it here Free Printable Calendar.

Now I have a place for my calendar, hubby's work schedule, decor inspiration and of course some fun pictures. Now my refrigerator looks clean too!

I am glad it is spring now and looking forward to some warmer weather!! 

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