Weekend Thrifting

The last few weeks have been busy as my brother got married and we celebrated fall by trick or treating with our kids and going to the local pumpkin patch. I live out in the country so not the most convenient place to go to garage/estate sales or flea markets often. So I usually do my digging at church rummage sales (which seem to be more popular around here than the previous two) and our local Goodwill.

I found this box of miscellaneous Christmas stuff at a church sale, love that there are so many bright colors!

The vintage metal icicles were in a bag by themselves so I grabbed them too. There were no prices and it was donation only so I grabbed a bag of home baked cookies and gave them $5.00.

My second stop was at Goodwill and I found these two ladies for 49 cents each. I brought them home and turns out they are bells.

I also bought these ornaments in a Shiny Brite box. Only some of them were actually Shiny Brite but for 99 cents, I couldn't leave them behind.

I am so excited because we are getting new furniture for Christmas this year and I just got to order it from joybird.com. I am getting the Hughes sofa and loveseat in Lucky Turquoise fabric!! So all of the retro accessories I have will finally look good when I get retro looking furniture. Now I am on the search for 2 matching end tables. I am thinking 2-step style, if I can find something in a medium/dark stain... we shall see.