Turquoise & Orange Tango!

So this past Saturday I attended a Quilt-in-a-day workshop with my mother-in-law. Being a somewhat seasoned sewer, I thought it would be fun to just get out of the house and be creative all day. I realized quite early in the day that I would NOT be taking a finished quilt home, but more than enough pieces to finish!!
The quilt pattern we were working on is a log cabin quilt with flying geese and so far it is looking pretty good! I chose some very bold colors that I love and it is coming together pretty easily. It was going along pretty well until some of the other ladies decided my machine sounded pretty aweful, so out came the oil and my sewing machine got a little work done! They were mortified when I told them that it probably hadn't been serviced in 30 years or so.... ha!
You will have to see someday when I get this finished what the design will look like!
Also, it is so beautiful out today that it reminds me of spring...and spring cleaning. Check back tomorrow for some of my favorite spring cleaning ideas!!