Summer Thrifting

I am not able to go to many yard sales with my kids being so young (3.5 years old and 1.5 years old). But I have been lucky enough to hit a few up when my husband kindly took a day off work. My mom and sister-in-law had a really fun day together. The town we went to has a yard sale weekend every year and it is the biggest one in the community. I came home with these two adorable cat planters, I had seem one in a magazine recently but decided it would probably be impossible to find. But the same sale had 2 for 50 cents each! I need to find 2 little cacti to put in them as their tails.

I liked this tablecloth for $2.00, it had turquoise in it so it will match my stuff.

I don't normally buy glasswear but the starburst glass was pretty cool, I wish I could find a whole set of these at a reasonable price. I liked the Florida shot glass because it reminds me of the times we used to go down to Florida and visit my grandparents. It was always so sunny and happy there. The Myrtle Beach shot glass had pirates on it so I couldn't say no!

I also came home that day with a red vintage thermos with wildlife animals on it, will be fun to put out at Christmas time.

 Some other goodies I have picked up the last month, I found this retro magazine holder for a whopping 25 cents this past Saturday. I spray painted its worn frame a matte black and I plan on adding round wooden knobs to the 4 legs painted different colors. Probably turquoise, orange, white and pink. 

Cute little soap holder for 25 cents, I can put something in it.

Also came home with some ornaments, all for a dollar I believe and a cool lamp, now to find a shade for it. The shoe box has a bunch of vintage cake decorating stuff in it. One lady was selling a whole stack of her friends music sheets for 25 cents a piece, so I picked up a few that looked cool. 

I put this one in a frame and set it on my mantle for the 4th of July. 

I am hoping I can get to some more this summer, maybe I will take the kids with me....