Glam Tissue Box Cover

I needed a quick and easy project this week because my kids have been in what I call "outside starvation mode". We haven't been able to play outside since the beginning of December here and they need my constant attention with projects and things to do. This leaves little time to get anything done besides housework, but I still have a few moments of time when they are both taking a nap to get a little creative. So here is my super quick and easy tissue box cover.

I started with a wooden tissue box cover from my local craft store. They have them available in wood and heavy duty paper material but I opted for the wooden one since I think it will hold up better. If you wanted a super smooth finish, the paper one would work better and still hold up pretty well.

All I did was paint it with one coat of white craft paint and then I did my design in gold Testors Hobby paint. That was easy!!

I just love how the light shimmers off the edges!!

 Happy crafting!!