Country Living Fair!

Our day at the Country Living Fair this year couldn't have been better! Between the cool but comfortable weather, great finds and delicious food, it was just a swell day! Not to mention the wonderful company I had. 

The signature pumpkin pile, they have a few of these scattered around the Fair.

A purple cow. That was the first thing I remember looking for the first time I went to an antique mall with my aunt and mom. My aunt was on the search for a purple cow creamer, or something like that. It's always so fun to go with them because we each have our own style but we know what each of the others like. 

We arrived at about 9:30 am and the gate doesn't open until 10 am, so I went up and bought our entrance tickets, got a map and headed back to the car so we could see where we wanted to go first. My aunt had missed a glitter house 2 years in a row so we hit them up first and she found one that will match her lake cottage perfect. I am sure she will add her own touches to it as well. 

I wanted to head straight to the vintage tents and so that was our next stop. We really ended up buying so much awesome stuff in that first hour that we bought a rolling cart. In previous years only a few people had carts but this year it seemed like about half of the population had them. Some had even decorated their carts with lots of vintage fabric, we decided we are doing that next year!!

Sorry this picture is upside down, I can't fix it, but there were a few paint by numbers. Not as many as I remember there were last year. I am working on my own horse paint by numbers which my mom had up in her attic, so these got left behind for another collector.  

My aunt watched the show Cash and Cari and got to meet Cari and get her picture taken with her. Her booth is full of vintage finds, paints and all sorts of fun things! 

See the red cart in the left hand side of the picture, people had lined them with fun fabrics too.

I love those little chenille Christmas trees with the fuzzy tops.

Loved these globes but I have 5 and don't know where I would put another large one right now. 

The whole chair was painted, I feel like his would just be a decorative piece. It was cute because the edged of the chair were ripped like the kittens had been sharpening their claws on them.

My mom and aunt enjoying the day with me!

Every year the Sisters On The Fly group has a glamper display. A few of the members bring their campers so that we can all enjoy looking through how they have decorated them. My mom has a camper right now that is slowly being transformed into a glamper. I will save that for a post all its own. I just got one of those pie carriers!

My aunt got one of these bags made out of an old book, it is seriously adorable!

 This gal had some of the cutest vintage stuff. She said she didn't have a shop but did a few shows each year from stuff she has thrifted and collected throughout the year. See that little lady in the purple dress? I have a collection of those from my mom!

Mom and I almost at the end of our adventure.

This lampshade was made from old advertisements, so cool!!

It was really a fun day and I got to spend it with two of my favorite people!
Tomorrow I will show you the awesome things I got at the show!

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  1. Jess, the Country Living Fair looks so fun! I am a tad bit jealous! I want to go sometime. Lots of neat stuff to look at. I can't wait until you show what you bought.