Beauties from the Past

My grandparents were a bit older by the time I came around as my parents were both the youngest children in their families. Although my grandfathers had passed on, my grandmothers were both still blessing us when I got married. They both were so just...awesome. My mom's mother, Lauretta, had 6 children and was such a crafty lady. Ever single time we would visit, she would have some kind of craft for us to do and I loved it every time!

Below: Lauretta and Wilbur

She made the wonderful Christmas tree from old jewelry that I inherited. I have so many things of hers that are beaded too as that was her specialty. The home she and my grandfather built was mid century modern all the way. I wish I had some of her old furniture!!

Below: My mom when she was a girl.

Below: June and Wendell

My dad's mom, June, was also very craft. She did a lot of sewing and my dad said she made lots of his clothes during his growing up. I have her old Bernina sewing machine that my grandfather got her used in the 70's. It is all metal and still runs great.

Below: June, sassy as always.

I grew up in the farmhouse that my dad's parents bought when my dad was just a toddler. They built a new house on the corner of the farm in 1982 that my husband and I live in now. So I have lived next to my grandma June my whole life. She was so eccentric and we all loved her for it. She wore blue nail polish and never had her shirts buttoned correctly but never cared either. 

I am glad to be able to have pictures of my grandparents when they were growing and living. I am glad to also be able to have a few treasures from each of them. They were all wonderful grandparents and I am lucky to have been able to know each of them. 

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