Country Living Fair- 2 days to go!

Two days from now I will be in the midst of one of my favorite Fridays each year, the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio! Its really hard for me to do much by myself since I have 2 toddlers but I have taken them with me just to go to this event in the past. This year I will be kid-free and in great company! Here I am with my cousin and aunt the first year we went. It was so blazing hot and I was pregnant with capri's on, a nightmare!!! 

It was so much fun though and I have only missed one year since then! My mom was also with us, on the left. There is nothing that makes me happier than a good thrift but sometimes you just have to find someone else who thrifted and buy their stuff!

This year I am going with my other aunt, my mom's sister, below on the left. She is pretty crazy, crafty, the Queen of Everything as she calls herself, so a lot of fun to go with!!

I don't usually go with any idea of what i will end up bringing home, lots of times things I like are out of my price range but this year I have a few things I am going to be on the lookout for. 

I would love to find a medium size vintage chalkboard, black or green, with or without graphics (with would be awesome). If not I have an idea to make one myself when we get back home. I am also going to look for some vintage posters or advertisements. Any old cameras that are any color other than black. I don't really want to collect black cameras at all since I love color so much. 

Me with my baby girl last year, she was such a good girl the whole day! 

Most of the handmade items (not quite my taste) are up towards the entrance so I will probably make a beeline for the back which houses all of the vintage and antique shops. I am sure we will make a game plan the night before. Check back in a few days to see if I scored anything!!

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