This blog is dedicated to 3 people in my life: my grandma Lauretta, my grandma June and my mother Debbie Lou. My cup of creativity overfloweth because of them. One being a crafter, one a seamstress and collector of many things (vintage or not) and my mother, who is a mix of all the things I now love to do. I feel the need to start a project at any time of day, I love garage saling and flea marketing and I admittedly have a few collections of my own. I quit working to stay at home and take care of my baby boy and love it! He is about to turn one and of course I decided to make most of the party decorations, appropriately titled Winter One-derland! In the midst of making goodie bags, a name banner, personalized snowflakes I knew that eventually I was going to spill that darn glitter.
Jeeze, why the heck do they make glitter containers tall and narrow? There is no possible way to successfully pour your glitter back into the tube!
It was pointed out sometime later in the day that I had glitter stuck to my face............ah well, I have the decorations finished and I couldn't be more excited or the party now! I am also very happy to start this blog and share all the things I love to do!

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  1. Love your page Jesse! Sue Mortemore