Craft Room Makeover Step 4: Painting Furniture

On to the painting projects!! I had a lot of mismatched furniture in my craft room that needed a little cohesiveness. On top of that I wanted to save some old metal cabinets that had been in my parents basement for more than 30 years. So I started with painting the cabinets. All three were matching with original hardware. 

Shirley brand cabinets were some I had never heard of but I was happy to find one of the original stickers on the inside of the door to tell me so.

The inside of the cabinets had a few rust spots and stains.

And all the handles needed was a little buffing with steel wool and they were shining once again.

They were in great shape in some spots and others...not so much. As you can see the bottoms of each cabinet had major rust damage. One was literally falling off. My dad helped me make a big box out of wood to sit under them in their new home. 

I also needed to find a new countertop since the original one probably got tossed. I got an osb panel from a recent project and cut it to size. I originally was going to paint it but I didn't really want to see the wood grain, or lack there off, underneath so I mod podged old book pages on top of it. A book about whales, kind of strange but the colors matched pretty well so I went with it.

And here they are now, I am so loving these bright colors!!! I started with Rustoleum, but switched to Krylon brand, it seemed to go on much smoother and they have a better choice of colors in my opinion.

I lined the drawers with a nice neutral print to cover the rusty spots and stains.

Such a cute little map on the top. 

So one painting project done and another piece or two to go.

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Here is another look at my list of things to do to make my creative space:

1. Purge my craft and storage stuff.
2. Inventory my storage furniture and containers.
3. Decide how I want to divide up the space according to what I do the most.
3. Paint the furniture that needs it.
4. Organize, organize, organize!!!


  1. This is a great makeover - love the bright colors! If you get a chance, you're welcome to share this at our Snickerdoodle Sunday party. It's going on now until Tuesday morning. Have a great weekend! Dee from Meatloaf and Melodrama.

  2. oh my gosh, I LOVE how these turned out. I redid a cabinet similar to these back in May (http://melissasantiques.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-kirklin-flea-market-auction-finds.html). It was a super ugly brown color beforehand. Thanks for sharing @ TTF!

  3. Thanks ladies!! I will definitely share at the next Party link up Dee!
    Melissa, I really appreciate that, and yes they look very similar to the cabinet you did. I was looking for a blue closer to the one you used but the lighter blue was all I could come up with in my local stores.

  4. Those turned out awesome! What a difference you made by painting them.

    1. Thank you! I am in the middle of switching from "newly married, non-matching furniture" to more mid century with a modern twist!