Craft Room Makeover Step 3: Dividing up the Space

I am a crafter, thrifter, DIY-er, etc. so I have lots going on all the time and I need to have dedicated spaces in my craft room to help me keep my stuff organized. Things change so quickly in my space when I bring new thrifts into it or need to whip up a quick gift for someone and I am a quick project type of person. I have tried quilting and knitting, but I can't work on the same thing for that many hours, I get bored.

The projects and things I tend to do are and thus need space for are:
1. Sewing- I love to make dresses for my daughter, bags and purses.
2. Thrifting- I love going to rummage sales and estate sales and when I bring things home I need to have a  
     place to drop them off before they find a permanent home.
3. Crafting- I do all sorts of crafts that involve storage of those items, paint, brushes, buttons, all sorts of
    odds and ends.
4. Paper- I have so much paper and paper crafting supplies from when I used to scrapbook. I don't
    scrapbook as much now, but I still make cards and other paper crafts and need a place where it is all
    contained and close together.

I think this will work for my current needs, so it's on to paint and redo some furniture!!

Here is another look at my list of things to do to make my creative space:

1. Purge my craft and storage stuff.
2. Inventory my storage furniture and containers.
3. Decide how I want to divide up the space according to what I do the most.
3. Paint the furniture that needs it.
4. Organize, organize, organize!!!

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