The Plan: Craft Room Makeover

So I have a "craft room"...

Its more of a "catch-all, storage, everything that doesn't fit into another room goes in here and also has a few craft supplies" room.

What happens when I go into this room? I grab the things I need to do a project and take them somewhere else in the house, thus creating another room that needs cleaned up afterwards. I never really do much in there besides store everything that doesn't have a home. But this spring it is getting a complete makeover and I am so excited!!!!!

When we moved into the house the basement was split into 3 rooms, a small bathroom with shower, a large room with the furnace in the corner (this is now the furnace/kids space) and a large square room. We split the square room into two rectangles and one side is a living area/bar and the other side is storage/craft room.

Here is my list of things to do to make my creative space:

1. Purge my craft and storage stuff.
2. Inventory my storage furniture and containers.
3. Decide how I want to divide up the space according to what I do the most.
3. Paint the furniture that needs it.
4. Organize, organize, organize!!!

After going through 2 kids clothes so far and lots of other crazy, random stuff in my storage space and craft room, I have been able to check off my first goal of purging!! Yay!

Now to figure out what I have left and make a plan!!

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