Craft Room Makeover Step 2: Storage Containers on a Budget

I have some really great furniture pieces that will function perfectly for my craft space but I am lacking a bit on storage containers to divide things up. I recently signed up for a Big Lots rewards card, so I get emails for new products and sales weekly.  These bright pink baskets jumped out at me for only $1.50 each!

On my trip to target this past weekend, I snagged these cute metal polka dot buckets for cheap in their dollar section at the front of the store.

Also got this plastic rolling cart with drawers at Target that I dressed up with a little turquoise chevron washi tape.

Some things staying or also coming to live with me: I have a great library card catalog cabinet I found on craigslist last year for $25.00. I plan to fill it with all sorts of little random stuff like bells, buttons, pipe cleaners, etc.

The drawers pull all the way out so whenever I need to use something I can just take the whole drawer to my table.

I also have a great bookshelf that I have been storing my paper supplies in which will probably still be used for that, but it needs a little work. Paint, some screws....

 Lastly, I have a big plans for these!! They are retro metal cabinets that have been in my parents damp basement for at least 30 years. No they don't look pretty now, but with a little work I think they will come out looking and functioning wonderfully!!

So the next step is deciding how I want to divide my room to make sure it functions the best it can.

Here is another look at my list of things to do to make my creative space:

1. Purge my craft and storage stuff.
2. Inventory my storage furniture and containers.
3. Decide how I want to divide up the space according to what I do the most.
3. Paint the furniture that needs it.
4. Organize, organize, organize!!!

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