Organized Linen Closet - Take One

I read recently that you shouldn't store your medications in your bathroom because of the humidity and how it can lose its effectiveness and also how the chemistry of the medication can change into something harmful. So today I decided to overhaul my bathroom medicine cabinets and store most of those items in our hallway linen closet. Well when I got to my linen closet, I realized I had another problem entirely. I need to get more organized.... everywhere!!

 I made a list of the main categories of stuff I wanted to store here. I removed all of the items from the smallest shelf and got to work sorting them into the clear plastic containers. I had these in my craft room containing lots of random things, so this would be a much better use for them.

I made some fun chevron labels and printed them out with my categories, mounted them to cardstock and taped them to the front of each container.

 There, much better. At least now my husband will be able to find things now too!

Below is a link to the chevron labels I made for this project-free for you to use for your own projects. Happy organizing!
                                                             Linen closet labels- blank
                                                           Linen closet labels with text


  1. Love your use of cheveron!

  2. I love this idea. I'm forever trying to get organized. You are Brilliant! and my favorite blogger. Keep up the good work!